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Pokemon x Sailor Moon


I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought about a Pokemon/Sailor Moon AU crossover, so here are my ideas for the girls’ teams! As this would be an AU, they have different names (based on colours, in the style of the games/Adventures manga). Also, everyone has one shiny Pokemon on their team, which would be expanded upon in the plot. Their pictures have a white border.

Edit: Lots of things have been changed! Pretty much everyone’s teams have been reshuffled except Moon’s, Pluto’s, and Tuxedo Mask’s.

Edit 2000: Alright, big edit. I’ve overhauled everything for Gen VI; Some teams are the same, but most have been updated - although not all with Gen VI Pokemon! I updated the graphics, due to Gen VI being spriteless. And, finally, there’s like a hundred times more words here as I elaborated a little on why they have the monsters they do.

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